Life of Brie Ch. 01

Hi everyone, it's Brie, your favorite Pizza delivery person. I hope you remember me and enjoyed my ongoing adventures in my Pizza with a twist series. I enjoyed sharing all the crazy antics that went on in the Pizza shop with you. So, this time I thought I might share a few of my crazy days that occurred either outside of the shop or were a result of my job that weren't covered in my other series.

One such adventure occurred about 3 weeks after I started working at the shop, just after the July holiday. Jimmy J and I were ready to start our shift when Sal, our Counter Manager, asked us to run a delivery that was outside of our normal route. The address of the order actually belonged to Timmy, one of the other drivers, but he was late as usual. You might remember Timmy, he believed that being 9 minutes late was arriving exactly on time. Every day.

It was to an area on the outskirts of Middleton. It seemed very quiet and secluded with plenty of space between the houses. I could trade my city street lights for this area of town. It was still early in the evening so the Sun was still shining, which made it easy to find the address. As I got out of Jimmy J's car with the two large Pizza's, the first thing I noticed were a few vehicles and a big black shiny SUV in the driveway. Black vehicles look so good in bright Sun light. I also noticed 3 or 4 guys carrying boxes and things back and forth from the vehicles. It looks like a moving day and I must have the dinner to feed the grunts.

The front door was open so I just stepped into the opening and looked in to see if I could get someone's attention. A slender guy noticed me and came to the door. He seen the boxes in my hands and the visor on my head and knew why I was there.

"Oh, hey there. Good timing. I have a house full of hungry nerds. How much do I owe you?"

"$27 please. It looks like moving day?"

"I have a roommate effective today. He has been a pain in the ass already LOL."

I knew it was a joke. The guy standing behind him must have been his new Roommate because he laughed and took the boxes from me.

"My landlord is buying LOL."

"Go feed the grunts Jacob. Here, take this and keep the change. What's your name?"

"Brie, my name is Brie. What's yours?"

"Terry. I haven't seen you around here before."

"Your address is not on my normal route, however, if you order more Pizza's and anything can happen. Thanks for the tip. I better go now. My driver will be beeping his horn in a moment."

"You have a driver?"

"We work together as a team. He drives and I run the orders. It works for us."

"OK Brie, I'll see you again someday."

"Enjoy your dinner and all that moving stuff."

As I walked back to the car, I developed two facts in my head. That big black shiny SUV belonged to Terry and that he either had money or class. The grunts were wearing standard cargo shorts and Terry was wearing some very nice designer shorts.

Now I know you're going to think this is very sallow of me, but come on, it's $25 versus $200. I mean, a girl has a closet to fill, doesn't she? I also thought I might have to discuss this address with Timmy. He might give it up if I make it worth his time.

The rest of the evening was business as usual. Jimmy J and I were back in the shop a little after 10 pm. Our next order was only one Pizza so I told Jimmy J that he could run it solo. I always look for ways to leave work before 11 pm. Flashing my bra worked once and I might have to do it again.

I was hanging out with work crew when Sal spoke to me.

"Brie, will you let that customer know that we are not serving indoor dining right now?

"I'm on it, Sal."

As I walked towards the locked front doors, I noticed that is Terry. My new customer Terry.

"Hey Terry. Was something wrong with your order earlier this evening?"

"No, not at all. It was perfect. But I have a problem and you appear to be trendy enough to help me out. I will pay for your services and all expenses. I know this sounds strange, but I don't have the type of skills required to put a party together. Are you interested? I will pay you like a party planner."

"A party? For you or for those science guys? I like to think I'm trendy in the clothes department, but I don't know squat about NASA."

"It's for the nerd crew, this Friday night. It's a house warming party for my new roommate, the super nerd, Jacob. All I'm asking for is ideas on party favors and help setting up the house. I will pay you for your services rendered and all of the supplies. I can even pick them up from the stores. Please tell me that you have at least some interest? I have no idea how to set up a party where Mars is the bikini babe."

"And you think I do?"

"No, but you will probably do a lot better than me. We just need a lot geeky wall hangings and things like that. I know of at least 2 party supply stores in the area."

Terry seemed nice enough (and cute enough) so I agreed to help him, as a paid party planner. It seems I have a third job now. We went to a couple area party supply stores the next day and purchased favors, banners, plates, cups and so on. I think we did pretty well, but wall hanging banners of Jupiter and Saturn are hard to come by. We did the best we could with what was available. Besides, it's fun to shop in stories named We Be Parties and Parties Be Us on a Sunday.

We sat in his big SUV and haggled on my party planner fees. I asked for $50 per store, he was ready to go as high as $100 per store. I agreed with his thoughts and settled on $150 per store. That's $300 for filling a couple of shopping carts full of party stuff. Terry paid for all of the supplies and took them home.

He asked me if I could be at his house this Friday about Noon to help decorate. I made it clear that I would, but there would be an additional service fee.

"Will another $100 do?"

"Agreed, another $150 and I will be at house next Friday about Noon."

"$200 if you show up on time."

"Got it, another $250. I'll be on time and pretty. You're not a pervert or something, are you Terry?"

"No. I'll prove that to you on Friday. So, where did we leave off? $300 and you're as pretty as you can be at Noon on a Friday?"

"Deal. $400 and I'll wear something tight or short. I have to go now. I work from 3 pm to 6 pm on Sunday's. Any chance I might get an order from you tonight, like close to 6 pm when I get off?"

"Why don't you make me a large European salad before you leave and just bring it by? Is my house on your way home?"

"It is now. Expect me before 7 pm. What about your roommate?"

"He's eating with his Parents tonight. See you tonight. Do you need more money for the salad?"

"I'm buying, tonight. My new boss pays well LOL."

Cute and nice. What more could a girl ask for? As 6 pm approached I had Suzie make me the best salad ever. She asked me what was so special about this order. I didn't really answer her, but I imagine she knew it involved a cute customer. I was at his door at 6:30 pm wishing I had dressed a little sexier today.

"Hi Brie. Wow, look at the size of that bag. I won't go hungry tonight. Come on in."

"Hi Terry. Can I put this in the refrigerator? You're not going to eat right away."

"Follow me. And how do you know what time I'm going to eat?"

"Because you're home alone for a while and you have a guest. There, that fit perfectly in there. Do you mind if I look around a little and use your bathroom?"

"Of course not, you can use my private Bathroom, in my Bedroom. It's that way. You'll find it."

"Thanks. I'll be right back."

I glanced around the house to gather ideas of what banners go where. Terry may have plenty of clothes and toys, but he is not so much in the art department. There will not be an issue hanging Saturn on the walls.

"Hey, I thought you said your Man Cave was in the garage?"

"My Man Cave is in the garage. That's the Nerd Cave. I'm letting Jacob use that small Den for his Telescopes and stuff."

Sounds about right. I continued my walk and spotted the hallway on the other side of the house. That must be the way to Terry's Bedroom and his private Bathroom. As soon as I entered his Bedroom, I knew that I was going to turn this into a walk of shame, as they say. His house was pretty nice, but his Bedroom and private Bathroom was something out of Beverly Hills. This was nice. I used the Bathroom, took my tights off and sat on his bed. What beds are bigger than King size? California King, that's what.

"Terry, can you come here for a minute?"

"Sorry, I was in the Kitchen. I thought it would be best to give you some privacy. Oh, did you take off your pants?"

"Thanks for the privacy. I took off my tights, is that OK? How much time do we have?"

"It's perfect. Those are some amazing legs. We have all night and then some."

"Good, but close the door anyway."

"Are we going to do something?"

"I'm going to do something. Can you come a little closer please? Don't be scared. We're not going to have sex."

"We're not?"

"We are not, but you are going to get sexed. Why is your zipper still up? Must I do everything?"

I managed to get him to stand in front of me, but he seemed nervous.

"Fine, I'll do all the work. Why are you so nervous? It's just a blow job and surely, I'm not first to do that to you. Oh, now I see, I see red, I see red panties. Terry, why are you wearing red panties? Not that it matters to me, but why? And where did you get these? These are hot."

"Sorry Brie, but's it's something I do from time to time. I'm sorry to ruin the moment."

Yesterday, I might have been turned off by discovering my partner was wearing panties and better panties than mine at that. Today, not so much.

"Nothing is ruined here. I noticed your boner when we were in that Nerd Cave. I was hoping it was me and not Neptune. Were you checking me out?"

"It's your fault. It would be different if your ass was flabby or flat."

"My fault huh? And I suppose it's going to be my fault when you cum in my mouth?"

"I'm sure of it."

I leaned forward and inserted his manhood into my mouth. It's only my third time, so I am far from being an expert, but I gave it all I could. I mean, the guy is cute and he paid me very well as his party planner. Combine that with his wonderful bed and his hard dick and you end up with a win. The only disappointment was how fast he filled my mouth with his stuff. It only took a few minutes, so either my skills have improved or the guy hasn't had sex for a minute. I swallowed and ripped his pretty frilly red panties. If you release in my mouth, I rip your panties. That's my new deal, if I catch you wearing.

"I'm not trying to rude or nosey Terry, but that was kind of quick. Have you been sexless for a minute?"

"A minute is an understatement. I know, it's embarrassing. I'm sorry. But that certainly made up for lost time. Hey, are you going to suck me again? I don't think I have it in me."

"Relax. I'm a freak. I like your spent dick as much as I do your boner. Can I look in your closet?"

Terry shocked me. I was doing my limp dick thing for a minute and he came again. That was certainly new for me.

"Did you really just cum again? How did you do that?"

"Are you complaining or swallowing?"

"Oh, I always swallow. I also have a score card I need to update, again. That was pretty cool. Now, can I look in your closet?"

"Be my guest, but you can't hold against me what you find in there."

"I won't. By the way, is it Terry or Terri? Oh shit, look at this closet! I could crazy in here. How many times a week did you say you dress?"

"I'm sure your closet looks the same. All girls have closets full of clothes."

This seemed to be a good time to reveal my own personal dirty little secret. He's too sweet to lead on, so I turned to him and lifted my plaid skirt. Seeing how I took my tights off when I first arrived, my bulge was on display for him to see. And because I just had a dick in my mouth, I was excited myself. I'm sure it was easy to spot. Terri stood there and glazed upon my biggest secret.

"I didn't mean to mis-lead you. I'm sorry if this upsets you. Do you want me to leave now?"

"No, it's OK. You just caught me off guard, that's all. I wouldn't be getting hard again so soon if I were upset. How long have you been dressing?"

"It's been a while now Terri. I stepped it up this past Spring and have been going strong ever since. Are you concerned about dressing around your new Roommate? Will things change for you?"

"Before I agreed to his moving in, I made it clear that he might catch me dressed from time to time. He didn't have a problem with that. I consider it as "we had the talk". We'll see what happens in the future."

"Can I borrow these? Thanks. Are you still checking me out? Is there something on your mind? And just so it's clear, my only experience has been with my mouth and my hands. My backside is off limits, for now anyway. Is that OK or does that upset you?"

"No, that does not upset me. You have way more experience than me. I've never done anything at all, with any body part. I haven't even been off my property dressed to this point. And to be honest with you, I'm not sure I can do a 3rd time."

"That's fine Terri. I know you enjoyed the first two times anyway. I need some rest just the same. How about I leave you with an IOU? I don't know exactly what you're into yet, but could I interest you in a hand job in the near future? I'm sure I can find some silky panties in this drawer that I could wrap around your dick and stroke you off with. Oh, look at this drawer. There are so many in here and they look expensive. Maybe there is an older pair towards the bottom of the stack that I could use on you."

"IOU accepted Brie. Would you mind putting that in writing, just in case you forget about this moment?"

"LOL, I'm not going to forget anything. What size are those high tops over there? I wear high tops a lot at work since I do a lot of running back and forth. Anyway, I should go now. We both need the rest. I'll see on Friday for decorating."

"Friday about Noon and you will be sexy. Bare legs maybe?"

"You know I will be asking to borrow more clothes, right? I like to dress in themes at work and it's tough to maintain themes. Will we be alone in the house Friday or should I wear an appropriate length skirt?"

"Take a few minutes more in the closet Brie. You might find a mini skirt or two."

"You mean I can take another two skirts on top of the three I laid out over there?"

Best Sunday ever.

End Life of Brie 01


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