Thief Gets Punished

Slowly, he opened the window trying not to wake up those who were fast asleep. All he needed was some extra cash to get to the next town but when he entered he realized this was no ordinary home.

There were ropes hanging from the ceiling, restraints tied to the bed and hand cuffs sat waiting. He was intrigued yet confused. He saw whips and bats. Then he took a step and ... creak! The lady who lived in the house sprung from her sleep but he wasn't aware. He slowly examined his strange environment. He picked up a whip and sat on the bed.

Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a beautiful lady in her night robe stood in the doorway. She has long legs and a curvy body. She also has large tits that seemed to be restrained by her robe. She had dark black hair and an angry face. He was caught red handed, but he was frozen, too shocked to realize. She approached him. She said some reason I'm not mad you are here but I'm mad you are holding my whip. In a swift action she ripped the whip out of his hand and hit him with it. This caused him to fall back on the bed. As this happened she quickly grabbed the handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed.

The fun was just about to begin she thought.

She let her night-robe fall to the floor. The moonlight shone onto her naked body glistening over her wide hips, which supported a huge ass, over her large breasts. He then noticed she wasn't only naked, but she was turned on he saw her nipples solid staring at him. She noticed him staring and climbed on top of him pinning him down with her knees. She then kissed him passionately sucking on his lip as he inserted his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues danced like fire. They were sucking and nibbling each other's faces like ravenous animals. She started unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his golden-tanned abs. She ran her fingers over his abs, which turned her on even more. She then moved her sucking and nibbling down to his neck covering him in love bites. He was struggling as his dick was now rock hard pushing against his jeans he couldn't cope.

Her kisses then slowly proceeded to go to his abs, she kissed all six before using her teeth to undo his button on his jeans and the zipper too. She was enjoying herself way too much. She was lost in lust when his dick sprung forward hitting her in her face she let out a giggle.

She then began kissing from his balls to his tip. When she reached the tip, she stuck out her tongue and lapped up his leaking precum. She was feeling pure bliss as she started to engulf his 8 inch dick with her mouth. He was grunting as she bobbed up and down.

After a short while he started to feel the blood rush and he grunted louder to warn her of what was about to happen she quickly slid off his dick and gazed into his eyes with her tongue stuck out waiting for him to shoot his nectar all over her eager and accepting face. She was soon rewarded with long thick shots which covered not only her tongue and hit her cheek but also splatter all over her giant tits. She used a finger to scoop up the goop from her tits and sucked it clean showing her pure enjoyment.

After she had swallowed it all, she noticed he had passed out so she grabbed her trusty whip from before and hit him straight across his abs as hard as she could, leaving him not only awake but a pain so brutal it made his eyes well up.

She wiped his tears then gave his cock a long lick to get it back solid and then climbed on top. She slowly slid herself further down his pole. She moaned all the way down at first there was pain but then it was pure pleasure. In no time at all she was bobbing up and down at full speed and it began to get hot and sweaty. She was enjoying herself and he was barely holding on. He was grunting so much he couldn't even tell her he was going to cum so instead her walls were unexpectedly covered in his baby batter. She was mad, she stood up took a paddle and smacked him across the face. He was out for the count.


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